I'm being harassed, what should I do?

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Introduction to Our Standards on Harassment

First and foremost, we have zero tolerance for harassment on any of our hosted services. Misuse of our service that in any way shape or form attacks another member of our userbase will be dealt with.

What to do When Being Harassed

When you find yourself being targeted by another member of our site, please log any communication you have with this member, this includes:

  • Screenshot of the harassment, in full. (Please do not crop.)
  • Offenders Profile URL
  • Offenders Profile Name
  • Time & Date of Harassment
  • Link to content where the harassment took place, if not within private messages.

and save it locally for your records.

If and when the offender has gotten around your block to continue their harassment, please file a report with the information you logged. You may file this report using the following methods:

  • Using the on-site report feature.
  • Make use of our Support Portal to create a ticket. (This method is preferred if you wish to remain anon.)

Please do NOT use the following methods of reporting:

  • Messaging staff directly on-site.
  • Messaging staff directly off-site.
  • Communicating openly on staff profiles.

What Not to do When Being Harassed

  • Please do not engage with the offender in any shape or form, do not respond, do not threaten, or do not interact.
  • Do not take arms to house a platform to target the offender.
  • Do not make a "callout" post.
  • Do not upload a screenshot to your user gallery.

Important Information

You will not always get a reply back from a staff member with actions taken against a member that has been deemed to violate our Terms of Service or has broken a site rule.

False reports made with ill-intent are not tolerated and users deemed to have partaken in this will be dealt with.

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